Bramarjarn Marco De Cesaris

Grand Master De Cesaris has been training in Muay Thai since 1978 and he is a certified instructor by the Ministry of Education of Thailand- Office of National Culture Commission since 1991.
Closed door student of Grand Master Chinawooth Sirisompan (Master Woody), Grand Master Phaosawat Saengsawan (Khru Pho) and Grand Master Sane Tubtimtong.
He has been awarded by National Culture Commission of Thailand the rank of 15th Khan and has been presented with the coveted Gold Mongkon and the technical level of Bramarjarn (Grand Master in the traditional Art of Muay); he is the third non-thai teacher in the world to receive such highest grade.
He is the Technical Director and founder of the International Muay Boran Academy established in 1993 and he has cooperated with the Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts (AITMA) and the Kru Muay Thai Association (KMA), both located in Thailand since their foundation. He has cooperated with Grand Masters Sirisompan and Saengsawan to structure the current technical frame of the Art of Muay Boran; he also introduced Muay Boran in Italy, in several european countries and in Latin America.
He has been Muay Thai judje and referee, promoter and a professional trainer of thai boxers since 1989 and he has coached 8 World Muay Thai Champions and 3 European Champions.
In the year 1999 he has devised an innovative fighting system (IMBA Muay Kard Chiek), based on traditional bare knuckle Muay, that is currently in use in IMBA member countries.
He authored 7 books, five of them about Muay Boran and two about Muay Thai and he produced 20 videos on Muay Thai and Muay Boran training and techniques.
He has won the Gold Medal in Muay Boran single Form Championships held in Bangkok in 2007.
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About Master Marco, signed by the Thai Grand Masters

• Khru Pho
Arjarn Marco is a diligent foreigner who has learnt this ancient boxing with patience, effort and investigated by himself. Moreover he usually practiced by himself for a long time through studying from ancient texts, with my help, from old documents,
observing and interviewing experts. Many times he went abroad to Thailand to practice with Kru Muay Boran like myself in many important ancient places such as
Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Bangkok, Chaiya. It is no surprise that he is an appreciated Muay Boran teacher for his value and usefulness to others. It is my privilege to praise and disseminate his distinguished qualities in Thai Martial Art of Muay Boran to people in Thailand, Europe and throughout the world; and to encourage him to always achieve the best in conservation, promotion and spreading Muay Boran worldwide.

“Khru Pho”
Phosawat Saengsawang
Gold Mongkon grade 19 Kru Muay Association
Professor Rajabat Maha Sarakham University

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• Master Sane
Ajarn Marco was brought to Thailand by his heart to learn muaythai and muayboran lot of times from various camps and grand masters. But above that I believe that destiny has it to lead him to the fulfillment of his fate; that is to be an instrument for uniting and reaching all muaythai boran warriors. He learned and understands
many techniques and able to apply and innovate new techniques out
of the traditional styles that he leaned. Ajarn Marco is an intelligent student and has maintained the willingness and curiosity to learn honing him now to a complete Master. I first met Ajarn marco way back years ago, from the conversation I had with him I knew it already that he has deep knowledge and passion for the art of muay boran. He speaks stories of muayboran that not lot of Thai persons knew of. He possesses the quality of a true master, the spirit of humility, respect, and wisdom. He never showed arrogance in spite of his superiority to other masters, he displays serenity in all places and to all people, and the intelligence or wisdom to choose; indeed a principled man of good values.

Grand Master Sane Tubtimtong
Gold Mongkon, 16 Khan Kru Muay Association
Member of Lumpini Stadium Board of Directors

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• Master Woody
My friend Marco, you have come a long way since I met you and started teaching you the old way of thai fighting; your wisdom and understanding of Muay Boran has now reached the highest level. You have come to this point trough your dedication and practice and most of all thanks to the deep respect you always showed for the Art of Muay Thai Boran and for the great teachers who gave you knowledge and advice. Your never ending desire of learning has made you proud but humble and I believe you will inspire people to understand the way of Muay Boran.

Grand Master Chinawooth Sirisompan – 17th khan, Gold Mongkon
President of Kru Muay Association (KMA)

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