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Beyond translating the concept, would you know how to define the term “freezing effect”?
Would you know what gross motor skills are?
Or what the term Killer Instinct means?

From the exception of some few adepts, probably, the most of you do not have the idea of it. Well, then you should know these previous mentioned words are, exactly the key words that describe Muay Lert Rit (the Muay of Supreme Power), or to immediately react in front of a hard stress situation, using simple moves, aimed to throw down or to finish the enemy; not the adversary, or the aggressor, but the enemy.

To answer the first of the three questions I make a forth; would you know how to define a hard stress situation?

Imagine you are crossing a street without looking both sides, then hearing the squeal of car tires over the road, and see how a car is about to hit you. The great quantity of adrenaline entering your blood torrent creates two different reactions; an immediate action that makes you jump to the opposite side of the road even hard to complain for Spiderman, or, a total lack of movement, and, in this case, at least the cars stops at the wright time, you are dead; victim of the called adrenaline shock by emotional stress, and the inability of decide or to react, or even better, victim of a primal emotion, fear.

Let us get into the specific, figuring a violent context, by example, an aggressor. In order to see the fear, it is necessary to perceive the threat; this one cannot be seen by everybody in the same way, because it comes with the influence of emotions and previous experiences each individual has lived before. Therefore each one of us will react differently.
Some will suffer, some will react, does not matter the sportive background (in Martial Arts or other fields). Even more, an athlete who faces other people in sportive encounters hardly will be able to apply the same automatic movements outside the gym, in an environment absent of regulations and very much hostile, where he is forced to face a context very different from the sportive one.
In real life we don’t train the brain to live such emotional stress, and, in consequence to associate this same stress to a proper reaction, overall because the automatic moves we try to memorize are too complex and, in a crucial moment, our brain loses to much time to choice the wright one; Not being able to make a proper choice, to get freeze is what happen the most. Freezing Effect.

Fear, as a negative consequence, plus the possible paralysis, can give place to many negative effects; the inability to perceive time, memory voids, tunnel effect, reduction of the audible perception; mainly loss of movement capacity (muscle rigidity) what puts us in a position where we can use 90% of what we learn at the gym.
It is necessary to remember, as I wrote in the previous chapters about it, Muay Lert Rit has foreseen the “conditioning” derived from the Military Training, in the same way of the training for close combat, when, commandos where trained in the body to body fighting, a few weeks before the missions. It was necessary to pick a reduced number of techniques, parting from simple motor sequences (having in mind the reduced mobility of an armored soldier) for fast learning and above all very efficient. Now I answer the next question: in the real context, the only techniques that really can work are the ones based on non-elaborated movements, basics and rough. Gross motor skills

IMBA Muay Lert Rit, has as the objective, the accentuated repetition of each one of the 31 techniques and the “principles”, to reinforce the stimulation-response and to increase the probability of a proper and effective reaction when the time requires.
In order to further improve the capacity to react under stress, as in a real military training, it is necessary to anticipate phases of reconstruction of scenarios in which several subjects attack the victims contemporaneously. It is not enough to train the athletic gesture in order to automate it, because, in order to make it effective, it is necessary to prolong an adequate physical preparation by training the eight energy principles, which will allow us to combine it with adequate bone conditioning, even if it is not mandatory.
The study of the discipline, foresees to deepen the seven technical principles, applied to each of the 31 techniques. The aspect that refers to the correct guard position is never neglected. Better defined as non-guard, stances for combat and displacements, which must be optimized to take us as fast as possible to what we define as distance of commitment, which is, the distance to which space is not granted to the enemy, where they are repeatedly beaten by sensitive points, until the enemy is knocked over and finished. Because it is a discipline studied for military purposes, most of the techniques are definitive. It is not understandable, in a context of this kind, to apply the technique of hitting and fleeing, because it would mean granting a second possibility to the enemy. The goal is not to wait for the attack, to defend and counter, but to attack as soon as the danger is perceived, the moment the aggressor invades our vital space, hit, grasp, and project, break and finish definitively, without scruples and without remorse. You are either a prey or a predator. Killer Instinct.