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“Combat Muay Boran” by Marco De Cesaris

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Combat Muay Boran is a traditional fighting style, original of Thailand, structured for barehanded fisticuff. Compared to showy fighting so popular nowadays in martial arts movies and demostrations, Combat Muay Boran’main goal is making men and women ready for all-out fighting. Muay Boran as it is practised in all International Muay Boran Academy’s branches worldwide is fully combat oriented. IMBA’s technical curriculum has been continuosly revised and perfected since the Academy was founded by Arjarn Marco De Cesaris back in 1993. The Combat Muay Boran techniques illustrated are based on Chern Muay Style of fighting: the aggressive use of 9 body weapons for attack and counter attack purpose.

Marco De Cesaris
Started Muay Thai in Bangkok in 1978. Certificated Muay Thai instructor by Ministry of Education of Thailand since 1991.
Student of Thai Grand Masters Chinawooth Sirisompan, Paosawath Saengsawan, Sane Tubtimtong. Ranked 16th Khan, Gold Mongkon and Bramarjarn (Grand Master in the traditional Art of Muay) by Kru Muay Association of Thailand and Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts (Bangkok).
In 2007 he was declared World Champion in Muay Boran single Forms competition in Bangkok. He is the founder of International Muay Boran Academy (IMBA), established in 1993.
Pioneer of Muay Thai Boran in Europe and Latin America. He authored 7 books about Muay Thai, 20 videos, more than 200 magazine articles.