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When you want to start a Martial Practice, you have a lot of options that can be covered by the School you choose; For example you can practice to get in shape, maybe you want to be in a competitive environment, start looking if you have the skills to be a professional fighter, or maybe […]

Learning martial arts wasn’t always my dream – actually it has never been. I ended up starting Muay Boran by accident, and I never really thought it would be something for me. But on the contrary, I found a hobby and a passion that I’ve practiced for almost two years now. Even though I’m still […]

Martial Arts have spread through the ages as a subject of men, whether for cultural or religious reasons, or for the most common reason: to believe that a woman can never defeat a man in combat. Although martial arts emerged so that weaker men could defeat stronger men using both technique and force, the word […]

Week 29 Still a couple of working days left before taking off to enjoy the beautiful Italian landscape. I started training Muay Boran in January 2015 after which I have been totally hooked by the art. The first year I already had the possibility to join this awesome – I had heard – training trip […]

Buy your own copy on From a remote past, the ancient warlike wisdom of the Thai people comes to us. Starting from the meticulous analysis of an original manuscript, the author (one of the world’s leading experts in ancient and modern Siamese barehanded fighting arts) has systematized and updated the principles and techniques of […]

Beyond translating the concept, would you know how to define the term “freezing effect”? Would you know what gross motor skills are? Or what the term Killer Instinct means? From the exception of some few adepts, probably, the most of you do not have the idea of it. Well, then you should know these previous […]

Through the years, I have been able to understand that everything requires a validation and that in turn gives credibility to what one does, says or shows and everything goes hand to hand, nothing can be made without a why and a how. Since I can remember, at a very young age I have had […]

Let me present you the IMBA Curriculum more than just a working plan for someone who wants to start a Martial Arts training. Let’s think about the term “experience” and let me develop a little bit more. When you belong to a federation, everything is about politics and how much you can take from it; […]

In this I.M.B.A. academic year (2016-2017), I had the pleasure of attending seminars, as well as at the training course, of Combat Muay Boran, of Master De Cesaris. 77 techniques, exclusively offensive (chern muay) have been collected in a single form. More precisely there are 20 techniques of fists, 16 of kicks, 12 of knees, […]

It is said that a Martial Arts Academy it’s not composed by its walls, ceiling, floor or even the training gear but made of the people attending and their relationship with the Teacher. In most of the cases this catchy phrase is just a marketing tool to make feel people attached to a place and […]

I used to be a really skinny guy, with very few muscle development and zero technique. I was angry with the world, I had just finished a relationship, didn’t like my job, my family wasn’t reunited under the same roof; you could tell I hated my life. When I met my Master Marco de Cesaris […]

(One, two, three) this is the last sound in my memory at bed time. Let me introduce myself, I am Sebastian Garcia Muay Boran Practitioner at IMBA Colombia, and I radically put my normal life in pause to accomplish my dream and to follow my heart. Without speaking Italian and with a short budget I […]

A long time ago my parents-in-law asked me to cut down a branch of a tree in their garden. The branch was not really big, but enough that it required a saw to cut it. I asked my in-laws if they could hand me over a saw; my father-in-law came back with a smile on […]

This feeling is one of the driving forces that keeps me reaching my limits in learning and teaching Muay Boran – lifting them higher and higher every single time I surpass myself. I am talking about the feeling that this year’s IMBA Summer Gathering has left inside me once again. But what happens when teachers […]

The fighting mind, body and spirit is always under construction, but cannot be achieved alone. Accountability is the secret and unity is the key Grand Master Marco De Cesaris does not just lead an international academy for Muay Boran; rather, he lays a foundation of knowledge, opportunity and more significantly, interaction. In a small Italian […]

When you think about an International event where different countries will join in a Seminar and you will end the week with a group examination, the first thing you have in mind is the competitive element. In Muay Thai everything is about being faster, stronger, better and if you like the competition, you will always […]

On the 5th March 2016, the second edition of the only worldwide Muay Boran event took place. IMBA academies from 18 different countries (Italy, Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru) all participated by creating their own specific event for the day. Each country […]

Thanks to the outstanding work of IMBA Americas’ Director Khru Gustavo Perez Hernandez, the Academy’s 2nd Congress held in Mexico City resulted in a huge success. Students and instructors gathered from every corner of Mexico and from Brasil, Colombia, Switzerland and Italy as well, to take part to the historical event. It appeared evident to […]

Martial artists from Australia, Italy, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, England, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Peru, Ecuador all united under the same banner joined hands virtually on the same day: 7th March 2015. They all belong to the same martial family, the International Muay Boran Academy, and they all practice an ancient fighting style created […]

Italian IMBA Muay Lert Rit’s enthusiasts will gather in Rome on December 13th 2014 for a great national reunion! Thai style close range fighting at its best!

Thanks to the longlasting cooperation between Grand Master Marco De Cesaris and his student and mexican representative Khru Yai Gustavo Perez, the first IMBA Pan American Congress and International Seminar was held in Mexico city. The event resulted in a huge success, IMBA delegates gathered in the Capital from all over the country and from […]

Italian students and instructors gathered in Rome to be tested by Grand Master Marco De Cesaris. All IMBA members are periodically tested to upgrade their Khan level. All examinations, both for students and instructors, are organised according to the Official IMBA Curriculum that is used in all IMBA academies worldwide.

“Combat Muay Boran” by Marco De Cesaris pdf version Combat Muay Boran is a traditional fighting style, original of Thailand, structured for barehanded fisticuff. Compared to showy fighting so popular nowadays in martial arts movies and demostrations, Combat Muay Boran’main goal is making men and women ready for all-out fighting. Muay Boran as it is […]

For decades forgotten in their homeland and recently made fashionable again, but only as show movements in exhibitions of Siamese fighting, the 15 traditional technical forms called Mae Mai Muay Thai or main (Mae) techniques (Mai) of Thai fighting (Muay), they actually re p resent a technical and cultural tre a s u re that […]

For the first time an innovative Muay Boran teaching format will be presented during the next IMBA Summer Gathering scheduled for July 2014. Combat Muay Boran may represent the ultimate blend between thai traditional approach to fighting and western scientific combat methodology.

July 2014: IMBA annual summer gathering in Rome!

Imba muay lert rit day open for all Members!

Muay Thai Live, a spectacular show that tells the untold stories Muay Thai’s greatest heroes such as Tiger King PhraChao Sua, NaiKhanomTHom and PraYaPichaiDaabHak. All the performers are “top level” and the fights and stunts are truly amazing. A must-see for all Muay Thai enthusiasts. Photo 1. The “team” with Arjarn Marco and Arjarn Sane […]

Khun Siraphop Ratanasuban, is One Songchai Company’s vice president and is heavily involved in top class Muay Thai and Boxing promotions. He recently met IMBA’s leader, Master Marco De Cesaris, to plan a possible international cooperation between the two organizations. Professional Muay Thai and traditional Muay Boran at the highest level! Foto 1: Pro thai […]

Grand MasterMarco’s Poster by Amazing Thailand (Ministry of Tourism of Thailand) Buakaw, Muay Thai’s most renkowed champion of today. (poster by Amazing Thailand) Students, Masters and Grand Masters all gathered in Ayutthaya to celebrate Nai Khanom Thom and the day of Muay Thai, 17th March.

GM Chaisawath is one of the foremost expert in thai traditional fighting arts today in Thailand. He devised after more than 50 years of practice, study and research, a powerful yet elegant style of Muay that he called over the years Siam Yooth, Muay Nawarach and more recently, Muay Thai Chaisawat. Thanks to the efforts […]

Mrs. Pariyakorn Ratanasuban Chairman of Thai Sports Association of Thailand (T.S.A.) under Royal Patronage (center) meets Grand Master Chaisawat Tienviboon (right) and Grand Master Marco De Cesaris (left) in Bangkok, to start international cooperation with both Masters, in order to further develop Muay Thai Boran. “The cooperation between T.S.A. and IMBA will bring benefits to […]

A weekend dedicated to Muay Kard Chiek all over the world: Mexico City, Athens and Rome. Three cities, the same event organized by the IMBA Masters. The International Muay Boran Academy’s staff express its appreciation for the great job done by the three promoters: Kru Yai Massimo Antonelli (IMBA Italy), Kru Yai Gustavo Perez Hernandez […]

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The Art of siamese Grappling: the ideal combination of holds, strikes, locks and throws for realistic close range fighting.

The reality of no holds barred fighting, according to Thailand’s military corps’ traditions updated and formatted for a modern, down-to-earth application.

Spirit, Science and Art of siamese traditional barehanded fighting discipline.

Muay Boran

Muay Thai Boran (traditional Thai fighting) is the mother Martial Art that has recently developed, from 1932, into a combat sport which is appreciated world wide and known as Thai Boxing or Muay Thai.
Originally “Muay” was the art and science of fighting the fight, as visualized and developed by the ancient Siamese Masters. Traditional Muay owes its origins to ancestral fighting methods of the people of Siam, elaborated and refined thanks to a continous process of trial and correction. Pichaiyuth, Dti Muay, Pahuyuth, Sillapha Muay, Mai Muay Thai and Muay Kard Chiek: under these and other labels the gruelling Siamese bare handed techniques of body to body combat have been practised for centuries, united today with the common name of Muay Boran.
Consecutive developments of Thai Martial Arts have followed distinct phases and have been subdivided according to the varying techniques imposed upon the fighters during the ‘sporting’ matches that occur in times of peace.

muay boran ayutthaya jot muay Muay Boran

That is to say what is generally labelled Muay Boran is actually a masterly melange of elements characteristic of different technical settings defined by scholars as the Regional Style (for example; Muay Chaiya, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Luang, Muay Uttaraditt or Muay Ta Sao) and fighting principles that follow a common logic, (like the White Monkey techniques or those of a purely military field of battle battlefield style such as the Muay Ler Dritt) made current and usable by a modern western disciple thanks to a well informed system of teaching.In this sense it is correct to say that present-day Muay Boran is at the same time both an ancient and modern discipline: ancient because of it’s strategies and traditional techniques which date back to ancient times and modern due to the codification of a diverse and diffuse technical background formed in contemporary times by experts and scholars of Siamese martial Muay Thai traditions immersed in the reality of today and directed towards future development.

muay boran ayutthaya image Muay Boran

It was Thai Grand Master Chinawooth Sirisompan’s vision of the need for a coherent structure, that led to the patented first versionof traditional Muay Thai technical program after numerous attempts around 1990. The program was articulated and subdivided into levels called “Khan” and as such formed the basic structure of the official curriculum that is now followed by International Muay Boran Academy’s associates across Europe and America.
The result of this continued close cooperation between Grand Master Sirisompan and italian Arjarn Marco De Cesaris , is to have perfectly adapted a traditional Siamese Martial Art to the realistic requirements of western practitioners: self-defence, fitness, self confidence, cultural study and eventually a tough fighting sport. When East and West meet, with mutual respect, the best of both worlds emerges.
From a technical stand point Muay Boran is based on the scientific use of the nine body weapons (2 fists, 2 legs, 2 knees, 2 elbows and the head) to attack and defend. Attacks are executed by striking all parts of the opponent’s body, moreover additional techniques include grappling, throwing to the ground, gripping and twisting the opponent’s limbs to break or damage joints.