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Learning original Muay Thai: the power of team work. Chapter 4.The cobra and the pit-bull: a comparison of Muay Thai styles. By Marco De Cesaris During the days spent at Pinsinchai Boxing Gym between 1986 an 1995 I met and trained with some of the best fighters of the so-called Golden Era of Muay Thai. […]

Learning original Muay Thai: the power of team work. Chapter 3. The lessons of two experts of Thai Grappling By Marco De Cesaris The classic dichotomy between grapplers (fighters who use wrestling as their primary combat tool) and strikers (those who use blows to defeat their opponents) has been in use in Muay Thai since […]

Learning original Muay Thai: the power of team work. Chapter 2 the Art of counterattack of Boglek Pinsinchai. By Marco De Cesaris Rajamnern Muay Thai Stadium, Bangkok. The fighter in the blue corner charges like a raging bull: he knows he is behind on points because he has been floored several times by the fighter […]

Learning original Muay Thai: the power of team work. Chapter 1: Pinsinchai boxing camp. By Marco De Cesaris From the end of the ’80 to the second half of the ’90 I had the privilege to train in one of the foremost Muay Thai camps in Thailand, the renowned Pinsinchai Gym. Headed by Police General […]

All-in-one training method for martial arts? By Dani Warnicki While it is difficult to train simultaneously all the various qualities a martial artist needs, there is an undervalued training method that may get closer to an all-in-one solution than the rest. This training method improves your skills, agility, condition and several other qualities that I […]

IMBA Lert Rit’s 3 fatal attacks Siamese Kings’ safety in Ayuddhaya Era was guaranteed by selected groups of soldiers with a sound Muay background. Those strong combatants were commonly called Thanai Luak or Elite Servants and were specifically trained by senior soldiers belonging to the Royal Guard. Their role in defending the King and the […]

Combat Mai Kred video Muay Boran techniques (Mai Muay Boran) are battle born skills that, in past Eras, helped Siamese warriors to survive in countless clashes with enemy soldiers both armed and barehanded. After some training in basic fighting concepts, Mae Mai (mother techniques), all trainees are instructed in the advanced fighting strategies (Mai Kred) […]

The elbow: Muay Thai’s bladed weapon (part 1) The elbow strike is perhaps the most feared weapon by all martial arts and combat sports professionals. Many consider it too dangerous a technique to be used in ring fighting: in fact, most martial artists believe elbow strikes should only be studied for self defense situations, not […]

Paksa Waeg Rang: the ancient combat strategy of breaking into the opponent’s centreline Paksa, ปักษา Waeg, แหวก Rang, รัง means “the bird peeps through or breaks into the nest”. The key word here is Waeg, แหวก that means to break into or to part. When you break into the opponent’s defense or guard, you open […]

Traditional Muay Thai fighting stances: the Art’s bedrock Jot Muay or fighting stance is the foundation of all Muay Thai maneuvers; from a good solid stance comes a strong foundation to develop high level combat skills. Nowadays, with the development of the sport of Thai boxing, the many variations of Muay fighting posture that were […]

Salab Fan Pla: footwork, counter technique, life style Muay Thai is the Art of fighting with the main body weapons. Hands, feet, legs, knees, elbows and head are used to skilfully attack and defend in hundreds of effective ways. Muay Thai’s attacking system is renowned worldwide: a thai boxer’s kicks, knee and elbow strikes are […]

The deep meaning of Combat Muay Boran Form “A Form is a book that is read with the body” Kenwa Mabuni (1889-1952) The thai word rai ram, ร่ายรำ means to dance. In Siamese armed or unarmed martial arts this same word has a broader meaning: in fact, it refers to a sequence of prearranged offensive […]

Chern Muay: the hidden treasure of Muay Boran (part 2) Chern, เชิง artifice; finesse; maneuver. Master Sintusan’s textbook classifies Chern Muay techniques according to the main body weapon used to attack or counterattack. Therefore, he identifies the following four groups: • Chern Mahd, the techniques of punches • Chern Thao, the techniques of kicks • […]

Is Muay Lert Rit a Martial Art for women? In recent years Muay Lert Rit went from total oblivion to being one of the fastest growing fighting arts. Based on ancient Siamese military strategies and close combat techniques, Lert Rit is now ranked among the world’s “deadliest martial arts” by many bloggers and martial artists. […]

Vintage Muay Thai Vintage: denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. Vintage is a word that can have several meanings. Its primary definition is “of old, recognized and enduring interest, importance or quality.” It is usually associated with the quality of aging, enduring or improving over […]

When elephants clash The description of elephants’ relaxed power appears in many a tale of the Siamese tradition like a symbol of functional strength. In Thailand, elephants have been employed for many decades for both civilian and military purposes. A typical example of the latter category are the famed war elephants (yuttha hatthi, ยุทธหัตถี). In […]

The ancient wisdom of Ta Yukapti Muay, the ancestral Siamese martial art is based on the application of mathematical and geometrical principles to the art of combat. The main component of a good posture is the position of the fighter’s feet on the ground. This fundamental element represent an efficient application of mathematical and geometrical […]

Phasom Muay: the secret weapon of Combat Muay Boran Combat Muay Boran is a modern-traditional style of Siamese fighting that combines ancient thai traditions with modern scientific methods. The final goal is to teach men and women of all physical and psychological conditions to fight, on the ring or in the street. The training systems […]

Style makes fighters: the 5 types of Thai Boxer Muay Thai at its highest level may be compared to a chess game: both contestants make use of their bodies and minds to out-smart each other. Body and mind must work as one if a fighter’s full potential is to be developed. Every Nak Muay (Muay […]

Muay Thai: is it just a striking art? Muay Thai is the Siamese art of unarmed fighting. The only “weapons” that are always available are our body parts, in particular: our hands, legs, knees elbows and head. Siamese Muay has made the use of those natural weapons a true science: a Muay Thai stylist is […]

The elusive Art of counter fighting: Kon Muay Kae style (part 2) Kon, กล trick; scheme; stratagem. Kae,แก้ to correct; to counteract; to solve a problem. As we have seen (The elusive Art of counter fighting part 1), the core of Kon Kae style of fighting is learning to cope with any kind of attack […]

The destructive heel-of- the-hand blow. The palm is traditionally considered by many martial arts’ exponents as the ideal body weapon, more flexible and at the same time more resistant than the closed fist. Muay Boran Nine Body weapons are fists, legs, knees, elbows and head. However, in this case the word “fist” has a broader […]

The forgotten science of the vertical punch Exponents of ancient fighting arts such as Pankration and Pugilatum, European medieval combat arts’ experts, Chinese martial artists (image 1) and Siamese warriors (image 2), they all knew the efficiency of the straight vertical punch for hand to hand fighting. Also 18th century bare knuckle boxers and fighters […]

Discoverimba Web App: the essential guide to Muay Boran’s basics One of my students’ frequently asked question is where to find a list of all Muay Boran basics’ thai names with a clear illustration of each movement, possibly in electronic format. Until a few months ago this was not available but now, thanks to the […]

Muay Boran Basics: the true path to mastery All Martial Arts’ skills are based on specific groups of maneuvers and fighting principles: these fundamental elements are usually called “the basics”. Muay is a complete fighting system: it is regarded by some as a purely striking art but all experts know that the Siamese weapon-less style […]

Solving the riddles of Muay Boran Many times my students ask me why they have to learn so many names in a distant and complex language like Thai. Indeed for those who begin to learn Muay Boran one of the characteristics of this Art which apparently represents an obstacle to overcome is the language barrier. […]

IMBA Muay Pram: how to defend the neck Clinch. (Chap Ko) The neck Clinch is an extremely powerful hold, that puts a fighter in a dominant position from where he can execute a lot of very dangerous attacks. Since it is always possible that your opponent manages to establish a neck Clinch on you, it […]

Muay Boran IMBA training system. Develop powerful punches with the elastic band. Becoming a power puncher is a matter of proper training: knowing how to prepare the body of fighters through a series of well-balanced exercises is the duty of a Khru (teacher) worth of his name. One of the boxing-specific training tools that most […]

Muay Pram: catching, holding and breaking the elbow. Attacking the elbow is the primary strategy employed by experienced Muay Pram grapplers to “break the wing of the swan”: in other words to put the enemy in a condition of extreme weakness due to pain and physical and psychological stress. The instantaneous result of a damaged […]

Ancient Muay from Lopburi (part 1) Lopburi is the capital city of Lopburi Province located in central Thailand. It is about 150 kilometres northeast of Bangkok and it is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. The legend of the city’s origins can be found in a small monument, located in the northern district, commonly […]

Iron post training for bareknuckle punching The most peculiar tool used by Muay Boran IMBA practitioners to condition to the highest level the hands (knuckles, edge of hand, palm), forearms (radial and especially ulnar bone), shins, knees and feet (forefoot and heel) is the iron post. Made of a metal core covered by a thin […]

The prearranged sparring system (i.e. the realistic execution of pre-arranged attacks and free or predetermined defenses and single or multiple counters) is traditionally used in Martial Arts in order to rehearse potentially dangerous techniques and strategies without risking the practitioners’ safety. Knowing in advance one’s partner’s moves allows providing adequate defenses while maintaining a high […]

Military Boxing: from Tiger Step to Killing Shift. Good combative footwork is the ability to move the body smoothly and efficiently so that balance is never upset. It involves the possibility to attack or defend at all times. The true essence of Muay is the art of moving at the right time so as to […]

The elusive Art of counter fighting: Kon Muay Kae style (part 1) Kon, กล trick; scheme; stratagem. Kae, แก้ to correct; to counteract; to solve a problem. Muay Thai teachers of the past used to divide the skills of fighting in different styles: the most advanced skills were classified as Kon Kae, the tricks used […]

The classic triad of power: push ups, squats, neck bridge (part 1) Generations of fighters employed 3 basic exercises on a regular basis to develop functional strenght in the entire body. These 3 classic exercises are: push ups, leg squats and neck bridging. In my opinion these are the best bodyweight exercises a Muay Boran […]

Chern Muay: the hidden treasure of Muay Boran (part 1) Chern, เชิง artifice; finesse; maneuver. According to ancient Siamese traditions Chern Muay techniques represented an optimal system of learning and rationally using the body’s natural weapons to attack and defend. According to the ancestral Muay Boran’s teaching methods, once the basic systems of using the […]

IMBA Muay Pram book By Grand Master Marco De Cesaris The Art of Thai grappling This book is a journey through the history, the mythology, the art and the science of the discipline of Thai Grappling. Starting from a detailed and rigorous analysis of the technical pillars of ancient Siamese Grappling, the author guides the […]

In IMBA our guiding principle is to learn to teach others – but what does it mean? The annual IMBA Summer Gathering really sums up the point of that. During the week we train together with our colleagues, teachers and friends from all over the world. We practice and openly share all our knowledge with […]

Find out what IMBA Muay Boran is through visual material, stories and explanations. Discover selected techniques performed by Grand Master and founder of IMBA, Marco De Cesaris. All this is free and accessible for you through the new Discover IMBA Muay Boran website. BRINGING ANCIENT MARTIAL ARTS TO MODERN CHANNEL Developed on battle fields thousands […]

IMBA members coming from 10 countries joined GM Marco De Cesaris in Rome (at IMBA Headquarters) for 3 days of theoretical and practical study of IMBA Lert Rit, the powerful combat Art that originated in ancient Siam. Students and instructors from Italy, Finland, England, Germany, Ireland, Swiss, Greece, Argentina, Cabo Verde and Ecuador enjoyed IMBA’s […]

Every student who starts studying at IMBA finds the same obstacles when it comes to technical training; why so many names in Thai language, why different techniques looking alike but with different approaches, how to find a balance between the technical and physical training, and the biggest question is, why to train a real life […]

With the rise of violent episodes surrounding the Internet, one could ask to himself. Should I learn some Self-defense system to be able to protect myself in case of any unexpected attack? The simplest answer, Yes, of course you must. But first you should look for the market you are going to search if you […]

When one thinks about how the term Muay Boran has become well known in the world but at the same time misunderstood, one has to stop for a minute and see the whole picture when being a practitioner passionate for the fighting systems of ancient Siam. I have been a practitioner for about 14 years, […]

A Muay Thai practitioner since 1978 Master Marco De Cesaris has a rich and complex history in the discipline of Muay Boran. He has spent many years researching and teaching the true origins of Muay Boran and teaching it to all trainees. Like all of his books Volume 1 of Master Marco’s philosophy on the […]

International Academy – What Does It Mean? IMBA has taken me to Italy and Switzerland and I have made friends all over the world from Colombia to Australia. This spring our country representative even travels to Mexico for a training camp with another member from our gym. But what does being international mean in our […]

As a martial artist of 20 plus years when I embark on learning something new whether it be another art form or skill I need a basic structure to guide me through the learning phase before I have the confidence to embark on the true learning curve of any form of discipline. That’s just me. […]

When you want to start a Martial Practice, you have a lot of options that can be covered by the School you choose; For example you can practice to get in shape, maybe you want to be in a competitive environment, start looking if you have the skills to be a professional fighter, or maybe […]

Learning martial arts wasn’t always my dream – actually it has never been. I ended up starting Muay Boran by accident, and I never really thought it would be something for me. But on the contrary, I found a hobby and a passion that I’ve practiced for almost two years now. Even though I’m still […]

Martial Arts have spread through the ages as a subject of men, whether for cultural or religious reasons, or for the most common reason: to believe that a woman can never defeat a man in combat. Although martial arts emerged so that weaker men could defeat stronger men using both technique and force, the word […]

Week 29 Still a couple of working days left before taking off to enjoy the beautiful Italian landscape. I started training Muay Boran in January 2015 after which I have been totally hooked by the art. The first year I already had the possibility to join this awesome – I had heard – training trip […]

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The Art of siamese Grappling: the ideal combination of holds, strikes, locks and throws for realistic close range fighting.

The reality of no holds barred fighting, according to Thailand’s military corps’ traditions updated and formatted for a modern, down-to-earth application.

Spirit, Science and Art of siamese traditional barehanded fighting discipline.

Vintage: denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind.

Muay Boran

Muay Thai Boran (traditional Thai fighting) is the mother Martial Art that has recently developed, from 1932, into a combat sport known as Thai Boxing or Muay Thai which is nowadays appreciated worldwide.
Originally Muay, มวย was the art and science of fighting the fight, as visualized and developed by the ancient Siamese Masters. Traditional Muay owes its origins to ancestral fighting methods of the people of Siam, elaborated and refined thanks to a continuous process of trial and correction. Pichaiyuth, Dti Muay, Pahuyuth, Sillapha Muay, Mai Muay Thai and Muay Kard Chiek: under these and other labels the gruelling Siamese bare handed techniques of hand to hand combat have been practised for centuries, unified today under the umbrella name of Muay Boran.
Muay is a Siamese martial art that developed during more than 1000 years, going through different “eras” (Pre-historic, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Thonburi, Rattanakosin). Along the years it has been practised as a hand to hand combat system, a popular past time and a professional sport.

muay boran ayutthaya jot muay Muay Boran

That is to say what is generally labelled as Muay Boran is actually a masterly mix of elements characteristic of different technical settings defined by scholars as Regional Styles (i.e.Muay Chaiya, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Uttaraditt or Muay Ta Sao) and fighting principles that follow a common logic (like the deceptive techniques of the Monkey Style or Muay Wanorn) made actual and usable by a modern western student thanks to a well-structured system of teaching. In this sense it is correct to say that present-day Muay Boran is at the same time both an ancient and modern discipline: ancient because of its combat strategies and traditional techniques which date back to ancient times and modern due to the codification of a varied and structured technical background created in modern times by experts and scholars of Siamese martial traditions, totally immersed in the reality of today and directed towards future developments.

muay boran ayutthaya image Muay Boran

Contemporary Muay Boran adapts traditional Siamese Martial Arts to the realistic requirements of western practitioners: self-defence, fitness, self-confidence building, Thai culture learning. When East and West meet, with mutual respect, the best of both worlds emerges.
From a technical stand point Muay Boran is based on the scientific use of the nine body weapons or Nawarthawoot(2 fists, 2 legs, 2 knees, 2 elbows and the head) to attack and defend. Attacks are executed by striking all parts of the opponent’s body, moreover additional techniques include grappling maneuvers (Kod Rad Fad Wiang), throwing and pinning (Tum Tap), gripping and twisting the opponent’s limbs to break or damage his joints (Chap Hak).